World Class Leadership

Fanaka's principals are widely respected leaders with proven track records of accomplishment on the international stage
Our team have held operational leadership roles at the highest levels within Africa
Fanaka's network accesses a deep pool of expertise across sectors and functions.

Deep Connectivity Across Africa

Fanaka's roots are deeply planted in Africa and all of our principles have direct personal ties to the continent
Our team has spent years cultivating our network across the continent, including blue chip multi-nationals, large scale family enterprises and investment holding companies, and senior decision makers in the public sphere
We understand the importance of partnership for successful investment in Africa.

Unquestionable Integrity

The Fanaka team has built our careers in international enterprises including some of the largest companies in the world. We understand that our reputations are our most precious asset and jealously guard them.
We recognize that finding FCPA (and equivalent) compliant partners and investment opportunities is one of the greatest barriers to Africa’s ability to attract international capital
Fanaka maintains an abiding commitment to transparency across all of our activities including sourcing deals, executing transactions, raising financing, and operating our businesses.

Access to Proprietary Investment Opportunities

Fanaka leverages the networks of its principles to gain unique access to investment opportunities
Our ability to attract international partners and add value through our operating expertise, in Africa, distinguishes Fanaka as a partner of choice for private sellers and public sector decision makers
Our insight and knowledge of the local markets widens the universe of potential investments to include those which require value creation through operational excellence.